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Project Description
An ongrowing collection of small tools for SharePoint


reTheme - command line utility for quickly applying the theme again for all the webs in a site collection. Useful for branding - if you've made changes to an existing theme and you need the change visible on site collection.

Albino Theme - css to clear all backgrounds and borders in SharePoint's design.


fixListEdit - command line utility based on this technet discussion. It fixes the following issue: "If you export a list template and then use the list template as a custom list template, after this you create a new list item and save, when you edit the list item, you will get an “Access Denied” error.
The Februray hotfix rollup kb961756 & kb961755 contain a fix to prevent this issue from occuring. This does not fix existing sites though."

fixLookup - command line utility that fixes an issue when moving or using list template and the lookup field gets broken. It's based on Becky Bertram's article.

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